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daniel {newborn, chicago newborn photographer, darien, il}

Newborn pictures have absolutely become my favorite sessions. When parents arrive I try to inform them ahead of time that it's OK if their baby cries, it's OK if they pee on me, it's OK if they are fussy - they are newborns after all!

This little guy, Baby Daniel, was quite literally the perfect model. I think he will have a career in front of the camera, perhaps playing soccer, but he seemed absolutely comfortable and rarely made a peep. His sleepy face is absolutely the most darling thing. 

Setting up for these shots was a lot of fun, I wanted to capture the essence of the outdoors so for the first series I used a reclaimed wooden bowl from one of my favorite prop vendors, Photo Props, Floors and Backdrops, or lovingly referred to as PPFB. I thought the woodsiness of these shots really made Daniel's skin tone pop - he has absolutely the most beautiful skin tone. 

Then we went to the classic bean bag shots for the standard sleeping baby. Baby Daniel's parents are very much into soccer - embarrassingly I had to admit I know nothing about soccer - but I still think we captured some amazing shots of this future soccer star. I love when parents bring ideas to sessions that highlight who they are, and these soccer shots do just that.

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