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every day life {lifestyle session, chicago family photographer, darien, il}

I will start by saying I absolutely love shooting staged images. I do. It's a lot of fun thinking up creative sets, posing sweet newborns into those adorable baby poses, and trying to come up with new ideas. However, sometimes it's fun (and needed!) to capture the art of our every day lives.

I read a great article on HuffPost written by empty nesters giving their advice to parents of little kids. I have re-read this article no less than a dozen times. The first point really sticks out to me, especially the line that says,

"Think you will remember what your kid's bedroom looked like when they were SEVEN? You might. I don't. Believe me when I say this: These every day moments are really what you'll want to remember after your kids fly the coop."

This inspired me to start shooting outside the staged shots. Outside of those adorable sets that I love so much - but to shoot to capture my kids personalities. My first moment capture is of my youngest, who we affectionately call "Eva" (said in a Wall-e like voice).

Every day moment I want to remember about her - she loves spending time in her high chair. And her favorite book is all about Elmo and his daddy. She loves it - and gets so excited that she will read her book over and over again. She also has a hard time drinking water out of a straw and it usually ends up all over her high chair (and her shirt!) She has an affectionate smile and a curious personality. She is our little "Eva Diva."