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There are many big milestones that you will want to capture for your little one. Their newborn photos are very important, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and of course the big first birthday. However there are other important moments that should be captured as well for your baby. One of those is their Christening or Baptism. It's a nice time to capture the baby in their beautiful gown and remember how little they were on the day, and how very special this day will be to them when they are older.

Christening shoots can be down before the actual ceremony so that you can display images of the baby around the reception. This is nice to do because many times baby will want to be out of their big gown so they can be more comfortable. By capturing images of them in their gown prior to the ceremony, you are able to display their beautiful outfit throughout the entire day.

Of course you can always hire a photographer to come to the celebration itself and capture the day in a way you will always remember. This is very special and you get quality images that will last a lifetime. 

Either way, be sure to capture these special moments, they truly are once in a lifetime!