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throwback thursday

Today is Thursday also known throughout the social media world as Throwback Thursdsay hashtag tbt. I happen to love #tbt. These pictures, these memories, are chalk full of nostalgia. Full of favorite moments. Full of love.

My favorite part of #tbt is reading about my friend's memories from their childhood. I view this as window to the past, a better way to connect with our social media friends, a way to learn what precious memories they hold dear. Of course I absolutely love the simple fact all of these memories are tied to a picture.

Stop for just one minute and think. Think to your earliest memory. Relive that precious, funny, scary, silly, delightful moment for just a few minutes. Now, is their a picture tied to that memory? I have to assume their is for most people. Odds are yes. It might not be perfectly in focus, it might be a little yellow, grainy, black and white, imperfect - but it's absolutely, totally, 100% perfect to you, because it's your memory.

That is because pictures are our way to remember our past. Our most fond memories - our favorite times - that we can then share with others and relive that happiness. This feeling is why I decided to pick up my camera and start capturing the world around me. 

Too often are we caught up in the hustle and bustle of our day that we forget each and every second we are creating a memory.

I love to snoop around the house and steal unexpected moments here and there of my girls. These fleeting moments pass by way too fast - and one day I will be browsing through my images, with tears filling my eyes, as my children relive their childhood. And you know what - I can guarantee they will have an image to go along with their favorite memory. 

Here are some of my favorites this #tbt.

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