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Beauty in the details {fall inspiration, chicago premier photographer, darien, il}

I am enjoying this time of year more than ever. After an extremely busy fall I am finally able to revisit shots I took before or after sessions. During a shoot, I become completely involved with the family I am working with. I forget all else around me and try to get a sense for their everyday life. To feel the love flowing between them, and to capture that in their imagery. There are some shots that are just magic. Like this one.

Sessions end and I will always walk with my clients to their car. Talk with them a bit - try to get to know them even more. And then I return back to where our session was held and just look around. Nature is so beautiful and so inspiring. I take a few shots and observe.

It's amazing how beauty surrounds us every day - if we just took a few minutes to stop and enjoy I think a lot stress would disappear. Some of these shots are currently being made into prints for you to order. I will update this post once that is available. For now enjoy and imagine yourself on a crisp fall day, a gentle stream in the background, birds singing and grass whistling. It's truly magical.